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✖ k-ai.し.て.る.✖ [FUNKY FRESH.]
Not your average awesome.
17th-Jun-2009 11:03 pm

Hahaha, these two girls I gave airbrush tattoos to really liked theirs...telling me it was super "fritzy" ..... I may or may not continue that. xDDD On one hand, its a bit unique... but on the other hand...FRITZY? Really. xP

Oiiii. How are you guys?! I'm SO SORRY!! =__= Funny how I'm just never on anymore. Whenever I'm out though, I'm like, "oh! I should post about that~" or "So LJ worthy! O_O"  Ahh, I can't remember any of it at the end of the day though, but I guess I'll just babble to make a post, haha.

I am completely convinced that the person in charge of the music at our park is a newly converted Kpop fan! Its expanded from BoA's 'Eat You Up' to most of her album and Big Bang's english songs. At one point, I swear I heard 'Sorry sorry' going off, but that's probably me just hoping for some laughs. I wouldn't be surprised if I started hearing 2NE1. @_@ It seems as if Kpop and dramas are turning into a fad here. As a veteran fan, I'm not sure how I feel about it, lolol.

Cross your fingers for me and my friend!! We put in an entry [slightly Big Bang influenced~] for the Anchor Blue graphic tee contest~ It was a simple design, but I guess we have a lot of hope riding on it since most of the shirts in their store are pretty simple too. The winner is announced on the 22nd, so ahhhh. 
And if you want, add our LJ! Its not quite done yet... seeing as I haven't quite finished the layout yet [its on borrowed codes for now], and we don't have everything up yet. My friend posted up a sketch of Key she did during our HB weekend! ^^ And I'm currently working on Juliette SHINee ones, and finishing up lining and coloring 2NE1, so please look forward to it! xD Add us!! 


My newest online addiction though is Poupee Girl! GET ONE~ I guess I'm really into making outfits...but not into barbies and all that jazz, so this kinda made it perfect~ pupe.ameba.jp

I was thinking that I need to start over on this LJ, so maybe a re-vamp of layout and de-friending and re-friending?? I mean, I know I said I wouldn't de-friend anyone, but I don't want to be one of those friends on your list that NEVER updates and is just kinda there... boosting your friend count? hahaha So I guess to end this off, I'm SWEARING that I will update more often~ At least once a week. And that by Sunday, I'm going to de-friend everyone~ I hope no one holds it against me because I mean well. ^^; However, if you still want to be friends, please leave a comment so I don't cut you! ;__; [Because I really don't! <3] I know I lost touch with a lot of people on here, but I'm super open to continuing where we left off!! xDD 


19th-Jun-2009 06:05 pm (UTC)
That's SO fritzy. UGH. You WOULD like it, haha.
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