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Not your average awesome.

K-Ai : Pammie
30 August
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Let Me Set Up My World...

Pammie [pah-mee] See K-Ai.
1. A girl known for her love of everything orange and Park Yoochun. Can be found on a computer either dealing with multimedia like music and videos, photoshopping, drawing or for once doing her homework.
2. The twist on the common fangirl. Multi-fandomed and constantly poor [even with a job], is weighed down by the love of everyone's music and style. Must have most items dealing with anything associated to the fandom. Inspired and has the urge to try all the awesomeness, however, still original and true to herself.
3. A horrible singer. And dancer. And artist. Yet still unable to keep herself from doing all of the above.
1. To get a tennis ball stuck in between the racket bridge and handle while trying to return during a rally. i.e. "You just pulled a Pammie!"
2. To put together random outfits in under five minutes because you fell asleep before you got to dry your laundry the night before.
3. To laugh at corny jokes, or alternatively, everything.
4. To love God, life, friends, and all that can keep yourself happy and content, while dreaming the biggest dream you can dream of.
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