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Not your average awesome.
15th-Nov-2008 12:52 am

Yikes!! I'm so tired and I don't feel like editing the pictures tonight because well.. I'm tired. xP Anyway, I just have to get the excitement out of the way.

....This'll probably only make sense if you watch NigaHiga and What the Buck videos on youtube LOLZ.

So, ever since it was announced, me and my friends have been planning to see Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi's indie film, especially since its shown in SF which isn't far. But we procrastinated in buying tickets even though we were allowed access to advanced ticketing weeks ago. BOO, but totally our fault. =_______= We tried to buy tickets on Wednesday for the 6:30 showing on Friday [today] because they released the info that the cast and crew were gonna be there. Unfortunately... I didn't have enough money to book 5 tickets. x__x I figured that if I tried the next day and told my other friends that I kinda...needed..help ... we'd still get the tickets. I mean, it shouldn't be THAT popular right?! WRONG. SOLD OUT. I felt sooooo bad, so I don't think any of us felt like going anymore... but we all still wanted to watch the movie at least, so we booked it for 8:30. I still felt so bad.. cuz I could hella tell everyone was bummed that we weren't going to meet Ryan and Sean and I couldn't pay for tickets in advance, but today came around and we tried to make the best of it.
Me, Jenny, Vicky, Tiffy, and Christine left for SF at 4:30 so that maybe if we passed by the theater we could at least get a glimpse of them. We got Cheche from her house [I hecka didn't know she was going! lolz And I offered to drive?? x___x We hella wouldn't have fit in my small ass car, LOLZ] and.... got lost. lolz I think I'm the only one with such bad direction sense, even with a GPS in my hand. ;A; Anyway, we wandered for so long that when we finally saw the theater and the LONG line, we were all kinda cranky and hungry and cramped in Vicky's car and said "Screw it! We gotta eat!! >.<" We actually meant to eat at Japantown, but the route we took didn't let us turn left ANYWHERE, so we ended going down the hill to eat at Chinatown. We left at about 8-ish and it took us so long to find a parking spot ohemgee. So we find one, walked about a block to the theater and got in line, got our tickets, looked at the side and read, "Meet Ryan and Sean as well as the rest of the cast and crew at 6:30 and 8:30!" 


We got really excited, but then it kinda...faded....because I swear, the only people there were immature middle school girls who already watched the movie at 6:30 and they were pissing off everyone who wanted to just get IN and WATCH. They were blocking the entrances trying to get pictures of them and it was already 8:45, but they finally got some people to clear them out and let the people with tickets in. They introduced the cast and everything and yeah, it was actually really cool. ^^ Then they started the movie. Full of crack, random, but isn't that how we fangirls like it? xP At the end was a freetalk so we got to talk one-on-one with everyone. What I didn't expect was that they liked our crowd better than the one at 6:30. When it came to the Q&A, they gave us compliments for giving some real questions instead of like, "Are you single?", "What's your sign?" and a whole bunch of crap like that. ANNDDD they actually rushed the stage that they had to put Ryan and Sean ON the stage [they were in front of the seats when they talked to us]. So after the Q&A it was a meet and greet kinda thing so we got to chill with everyone, get pictures and autographs, and since us 6 were at the back of the line [at the time >.>] we got some extra conversations in there so that was really AWESOME. And thennn we WEREN'T the last ones apparently because the leftover middle schoolers that were at the beginning of the line came behind us to get more.... attention, I guess, lolz. The director, [who was also really chill btw, but omg, he looked so tired], was like "Ryan, Sean, we gotta go soon. *points to leftover middle-schoolers*" And they were like "Uhh, k but let us finish talking to them! ^^" We didn't show it, but we were like, "YAY SPECIAL :D INYOFACE! xDD" [I'm the immature one, I know. x( ] So we got pictures, hung out with the cast, it was so much fun~~ Lolz, I hecka didn't think What the Buck would be there too, but he wasssss! Awesome sauce! ^^

Now I'm off to watch MKMF YAYYYY~ Nite! ^^;
15th-Nov-2008 04:38 pm (UTC)
That's awesome~~ XD
15th-Nov-2008 10:34 pm (UTC)
lolz it wasssss haha I know it wasn't a big deal cuz they aren't exactly stars but they're just so cool~ haha >.
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