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6th-Nov-2008 07:54 pm
Seriously, I love Taeyeon. I do. But when Jang Geun Suk does his own version of 들리나요, I'm all over it. xDDD It's not as powerful as Taeyeon's but I love the subtle vocals~ Yayyyyyy! ^^; JGS IS SO MUCH WINNNNNNN. WHRY?! ;A;
UGH. And thanks to school, I'm behind on 2 episodes~ No school tomorrow, so I can play catch up on all my videos tonight. Can't wait!

According to my sister who actually watched it, WG sang on Chocolate and apparently Sohee's voice isn't as bad as we thought. Please note as we thought. And I thinkz BAD xP I haven't checked it out yet, but she much more harsh than I am, so I guess I'll lighten up on the comments...but I still think she could've used more training. lolz

I don't know if this is funny or being ignorant, but apparently when my RL friends play music around me, it HAS to be asian. >.> LOLZ. I think I've noticed it for a while but always thought it was a coincidence. Whenever I'm in the car, they have to like, dig into the depths of their songlist to find something foreign and there's always NEWS playing and all the songs that I hadn't heard in years. xP I'm just sitting there like uhhh, "I DO know english...ya feel me? x__x" And whenever I'M listening to music it must be asian. They're always like "Big Bang? SHINee? DBSK?" ... "Uh..no...Chris Brown. Danger Radio. Turf Talk. o.O" I guess they just haven't realized my playlists have kinda evened out lately... >.>

Ah, and talking about music I haven't heard lately, yayyyy for w-inds. for finally putting out a song I can stand. [NO OFFENSE.] The last good song I really really liked was Trial and maybe Hanamuke. Everything up to Ameato didn't quite do it for me, but Can't Get Back, I LIKE. xDD

And talking of RL friends, I guess I don't have to be worried. When it came to planning for HB, I really had this feeling that I just dragged them there because I wanted them to go. They listen to kpop too ...sometimes.... so they're not quite into the fandom as we are. ;A; When I brought RL Vicky to the concert, I thought she liked it but not LIKED it liked it. I guess she really did though. She actually brought it up herself today, and said she didn't care how much the ticket was and who was gonna be on the artist list, she was going~ So I got excited. ^^; She's hoping for a SHINee x Big Bang x DBSK thing, but uh.... NO. NEVERRRR unless they boost the price to $400. x_X But that's not that pointttt. lolz I'm just glad that the friends I've been bringing really DO enjoy themselves, fandom or not. xD

Ahhh tired. I shall go watch videos nowwww, and think up the Christmas list I have to post. xDD
And to pimp it again~~~ if you guys want me to make you something [AND I REALLY DO! xDD], make a comment here: k-ai-remixed.livejournal.com/28950.html 

7th-Nov-2008 06:14 am (UTC)
Next year will probably have SHINee and SuJu-Happy... (Or maybe not) XP
7th-Nov-2008 06:25 am (UTC)
can't get back is actually reallyreally good! i was expecting worse, hahaha.
7th-Nov-2008 11:57 am (UTC)
I'm addicted to that Can't Get Back song/pv...*O* Ask Jenny! Or...I could have been possibly talking to you so IDK. LOL.

And YAY! Well I TOLD you she had a good time!!! from my...3rd person objective perspective..xD lol..you didn't believe me..xD But that's great...keke..HB planning time~~
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